Rocket League (PC) Review

Sun 2nd Aug 2015 - 4:24am : Gaming

Hey Guys,

I'm sure you've already seen it pop up in your steam store page or the news when you have to update. Rocket League! A soccer game where you drive cars around, jump and use rocket boosters to propel yourself through the air in an attempt to put a large ball in the net. Sounds easy enough right?

Unfortunately it's not, at least not at first. While the controls to the game are really easy to get used to and customizable for the PC players, learning the physics of the game isn't so easy. How the ball is going to bounce, timing when to hit the jump or just simply trying to steer in to the ball can all be annoyingly hard at the beginning. Don't get discouraged, it's likely you're going to unload your booster gauge many many times and completely whiff the shot while you're still getting used to the game. Once you begin to learn the physics of the game it becomes much easier and a whole lot more fun to play. The next annoying thing is those players who love to blow people up, and it seems like it's always you.

Yep in Rocket League there are no referees which means there are no rules. Remember NFL Blitz for the Nintendo 64? Pretty much the same thing in Rocket League. If you're a player who likes to blow things up then fill your boost gauge and let it rip right into the back of an opposing player and watch the fireworks fly. However if you're one of the players who likes to keep it clean you're going to have to keep your eye out for the latter as they will likely come charging right at you in an attempt to blow you to pieces.

The game comes with 4 different normal modes and 3 Ranked modes (Soon to be 4). Duel (1v1), Doubles (2v2), Standard (3v3), and Chaos (4v4) and let me tell you Chaos is truly Chaos. Ranked modes offered are Solo Duel, Doubles (Ranked with a Friend), and Solo Standard. I personally find Duel to be pointless and boring as it's pretty much take a shot, play net, take a shot, play net. Doubles can be fun with a friend but I also find it lacks a bit of excitement. However it is the only ranked mode that you can currently play with a friend. Rumour has it though that Standard Ranked is coming allowing for 3v3 teams. Standard is by far my favourite as it offers the right amount of action while avoiding 6 car pile ups in the corner. Typically in Standard 1 person will play net and 2 will play the field. Chaos is fun, but it can be the most annoying mode. You will find especially when playing with less experienced players that you will get smashed around by the opponents and your team mates. When you go to hit the ball one of your team mates will likely hit it out of the way first despite you having the better shot, and when the balls gets in the corner or flies high in the air. Expect it to look like rush hour.

Overall the gameplay is smooth. I find the game uses little resources to run which makes it great for people who might not have the best of computers. The cars look cool and the fans are different colored balls and that's alright because no one ever pays attention to the fans. The customizability in the game is fantastic allowing you to create your own style and change it any time you like in case you're feeling a little more dangerous on any given day. With 10 vehicle bodies in all (more to come) and for each 7 different applicable decals all of which you can change the color for. Plus the 24 Wheels, 36 Rocket Trails, 18 Toppers, and 33 Antenna allows for an extensive amount of customization to make your vehicle unique to you. The fun part is that you have to play to unlock them all, getting 1 every match you play.

Playing with your friends makes the game that much more fun. You're sure to laugh and whiff and laugh some more when you whiff just so long as you're not taking the game too seriously... fyi you're playing rocket powered car soccer. The unfortunate part is at the moment you can't group with players playing on the PS4 so either you'll have to be a good friend and get'em a gift or you're going to have to put your persuasion skill to the test and convince them to buy it for the PC. Getting into a game with friends is easy as you just invite them straight from the main screen and then you queue up and go. The in-game voice chat is a little crappy and doesn't show who is talking when they are talking, unless I've missed an option which is quite possible.

With all that's been said you can continuously play the game as if it were FIFA, but better because it's got rockets. Some things I would like to see though are things like tournament lobbies where you can host a room and have certain people join it that way you could host tournaments without having to have everyone on your friends list on STEAM. I'd also like to see a barrier on the net so that your opponents can't come into your goal and mess around when you're trying to make that epic save. Just some means of preventing interference. Other than that the game is solid and I enjoy playing it in my off-time from CS.

Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks for reading my review and happy gaming!



Mathew Welch

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